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"PSYCHOBABBLE" is the latest release by Nick Mancini - vibrophonist, pianist, percussionist, composer, arranger, producer, pretty decent joke teller, and all around good guy.

As the name aptly indicates, this album is an intentional mish-mosh of material from disparate sources across many time periods -- all previously unreleased -- which have been juxtoposed to work well together as a unique (and sometimes crazy!) collection. Some are special "live" performances (from either NYC or L.A.), some are new studio cuts, and others are even full-on midi compositions. (See notes under player widget below)

psychobabble NOW AVAILABLE   All God's Children (Nick Mancini)
Sophisticated Lady (Billy Strayhorn /Duke Ellington arr. by Nick Mancini)
Stablemates (Benny Golson arr. by Nick Mancini)
Little Sally (Nick Mancini)
Some Other Time/I Loves You Porgy (Leonard Bernstein/George Gershwin)
Come a Little Closer (Nick Mancini)
Emerald City (Nick Mancini)
Serengeti/Rumours (Serengeti: Dave Wood/N. Mancini; Rumours: N. Mancini)
Dark Before the Light (Nick Mancini)
Prelude to a Kiss (Billy Strayhorn / Duke Ellington)

Get your copy at shows or email nmcollective@yahoo.com today!

Tk 1 All God's Children: recorded at Curve Line Space, June 2012. This piece features myself on vibes, John Daversa on trumpet, Alex Frank on bass and Kevin Yokota on drums. I've always loved gospel music. This is my take.
~ engineer / mix / master - Yours truly

Tk 2 Duke Ellington's Sophisticated Lady: recorded in my home in the summer of 2011 and features myself on vibes, Kevin Yokota on drums and Edwin Livingston on bass. Listen carefully and you can hear my re-imagining of the harmonic structure.
~ engineer / mix / master - Yours truly

Tk 3 Stablemates: recorded at Elevated Audio in Van Nuys and features myself on vibes, Pete Korpella on percussion, Greg Swiller on bass and Andy Sanesi on drums. This is an arrangement I did of Benny Golson's tune "Stablemates" set in 13/8 time.
~ engineer / mix / master - Yours truly

Tk 4 Little Sally: recorded at Studio 4 in Manhattan about 8 years ago. Myself on Fender Rhodes, Dan Freeman on bass, Dave Berger on drums and Dave Wood on guitar. This group used to get together on a weekly basis and create full fledged tunes from nothing but an improvised bass line.
~ engineer - Dave Sampson, mix - Paul Vasquez, master - Yours truly

Tk 5 Some Other Time / I Loves You Porgy: recorded at David Anderson's piano concerts at The Atelier. This day, pianist Otmaro Ruiz and I first presented our duo project to the public. In addition to performing as a duo, each of us were featured as soloists. The two afore mentioned songs were prominent in my life at the time.
~ engineer / mix - Krishan Khalsa, master - Yours truly

Tk 6 Come a Little Closer: recorded at Curve Line Space, is a piece that I wrote while thinking about all of the unrequited love in the world. This features Alan Mezquida on saxophone, myself on vibes, Greg Swiller on bass and Jack LaCompte on drums.
~ engineer / mix / master - Yours truly

Tk 7 Emerald City: recorded around 2000 at Shabby Roads Studios in NYC's Williamsburg neighborhood, overlooking the East River and Lower East Side of Manhattan. It features myself on vibes, Matt Clohesy on bass and Take Toreyama on drums. It's an original piece of music that I composed on a Casio keyboard while visiting with family in Upstate NY one Thanksgiving. On a tragically un-related note, a few years later, Take took his life after suffering from intense depression.
~ engineer - Roger Greenwald, mix - Paul Vasquez, master - Yours truly

Tk 8 Serengeti / Rumours: recorded at Shabby Roads Studio. Serengeti features myself on vibes and Dave Wood on guitar and loops. At the time, Dave and I would get together on a regular basis and improvise for hours with no preconceived ideas, yielding 100's of hours of freely-improvised, beautifully crafted music. Rumours is an original piece that I wrote around the same time, and is from the same session as Emerald City with myself on vibes / melodica / tinkly things, Take Toreyama on drums and Matt Clohesy on bass.
~ engineer Roger Greenwald, mix - Paul Vasquez, master - Yours truly

Tk 9 Dark Before the Light: recorded at Blue Whale featuring myself on vibes, Vardan Ovsepian on piano, Artyom Manukian on cello and Zach Harmon on percussion. I wrote it late one night in a single pass. The original manuscript features zero erasures. This rarely happens to me. Typically the ghosts of several of my drafts can be seen beneath the final scrawl.
~ engineer / mix / master - Yours truly

Tk 10 Prelude to a Kiss: one of my favorite tunes by Billy Strayhorn. I was performing with my group at Alva's Showroom in San Pedro, CA. We did not have a piano player, but the piano was made available anyway. I walked over to it, sat down and started playing. This came out. Funny enough, I ended up mastering it from ambient sound picked up by the other mics in the room since there was not one directly on the piano. A testament to the awesome acoustics in the room and the warmth, body and projection of that particular piano.
~ engineer Larry (sound guy at Alva's), master - Nick Mancini