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The N:OW album is currently OOP (Out of print...) Don't you wish you'd bought one at his gigs? A new pressing is forthcoming. In the meantime, his 2013 CD, Storyteller, is available here

N:OW (2009)

N:OW is Mancini's second recording as a band-leader. It reflects the spontaneity and energy that is captured when the tape is rolling and little to nothing has been discussed about the direction of the music.

"This was my working ensemble for a couple of years by the time we hit in the studio," Mancini recalls. "My buddy Wade called at 10pm and said the studio would be dark the next day and we should come in. So I rounded up the gang, we went in the next morning and just started laying s**t down. It came pretty easy."

The record is aptly named. Not only is it representative of the immediate nature of the process of recording jazz live, but it's also a reminder that "now" is all that really exists.

Use the player below for a sneak peek!