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Wed., 12/08 Is there anyone out there who can tell me why the chick in the bubble from "The Wizard of Oz", What was her name? Glinda! Right! Why Glinda waited till the last possible minute to tell Dorothy about the whole clicking the heels to get home thing?

But honestly, what with the flying monkeys and the fireballs and the poppy field ... wait, the poppy field was cool, but you know what I mean. Then at the end, Glinda's all like, "Well Dorothy," with that prissy little voice, "you had the power the whole time to go back.", and bladdy blah blah, and, "Oh but the lessons you've learned andů" And she DID get a pretty fly pair of red shoes out of the deal. But who could tell? When she got home, EVERYTHING WAS FRICKIN' GREY.

And Lil' D, that sweetheart just rolled over and took it. I mean, I love peace just as much as the moron in traffic in front of me, but If I were Dorothy ..... I think I'da handed Glinda her ass a long time ago.

Personally, I think Dorothy and Cinderella ... and Alice in Wonderland (if she ever gets off dope) and any of them other gingham wearin' sisters should form a rock band. Between the lot of 'em they got enough baggage for three hit records.

Wed., 12/01 It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Ever since purchasing my new, sexy MacBook Pro, installing Logic and buying some new microphones, I've been on a recording kick; tracking something new everyday.

My most recent project being a self-produced christmas record where-in I play most, and in some cases, all of the instruments. This is a super fun and very challenging process. One which requires tons of patience and hard-drive space.

This past weekend, I tackled "Sleigh Ride". A tough tune to play through on just one instrument. The vibes and marimba have a nice little duet thing going on and it's set to an afuche rhythm, a similar rhythm to samba, with a bunch of really funky chords. Also featured is a trip-hop version of "Little Drummer Boy", and a Santana-esque "Christmas Time is Here" from the Charlie Brown Chirstmas.

So Now I take my leave to tighten up some of the work I've already created. Seems I have no new ideas to create, so I'm looking for suggestions. Drop me a line at info@nickmancini.net and let me know what you might like to hear. The results will posted to www.nickmancini.net before the end of the year.

Have a Holly-Jolly Christmas!!!

Tue., 11/30 Tales from the Train in LA

How is it that the saying goes again; "Nobody takes public transportation in LA", or is it; "You're nobody if you take public transportation in LA?"

Well, I decided to do a little research today. I had a really cool gig with my trio in Downtown at the Ernst and Young Plaza for the arts>Brookfield Holliday Jazz Series, curated by our one and only LeRoy Downs. As luck would have it, they rented me a vibraphone, so I decided it would be an awesome opportunity to TAKE THE TRAIN (ooooooooh) and witness this burgeoning "underground scene".

First of all, it's way underground. Holy cow, like 10 stories or more! Unlike in NYC where in some cases its a mere 20 feet.

Secondly, it's super cool! It's clean, convenient (depending on your departure and destination points, of course), inexpensive and quick. 20 minutes from North Hollywood to 7th St. I can't even do that in my at 3 am, and I drive really F-ing fast.

Thirdly, all walks ride the train. Young, old, exuberant, banal, with, with-out ~ you name it.

Fourth-ly (?), I got there and in the audience was the ever distinguished Ed Begley. One of my favorite actors and a very nice and down-to-Earth guy. Guess what? HE took the train too!!!!! Isn't that cool. I got my picture taken with him too. = )

So, there we sat, back on the train (Karen and I), and watched as people strolled in and out, making their way to wherever they were headed. I thought, "Hmmmmm, can't wait to see LA in 20 more years." It's a little ridiculous that we can't take a train from Silverlake to the beach yet, but we'll get there. I believe the public sentiment to be in accordance.

Sat., 11/13 Just got back from Guitar Center. I am officially a gear whore!!! Loving every second of my new endeavor. I is a engineer. Gonna start work on my 2010 Christmas release. The idea is to create an entire kick-ass X-mas record in one weekend. I'll let you know how it went. Check back for some video footage of me swearing at Logic and microphones and stuff.

Wed., 11/10 That student loan is starting to pay itself off. Just transcribed a tune, charted it out and demo-ed it all in under one hour - another satisfied client. Now I'm headed off to rehearse with Otmaro Ruiz for our duo performance at Blue on Dec 9th.

Sun., 11/7 Just got back from a killer recording session; 4 of my students whom are very dear to me, and of whom you're bound to hear a lot of good things, they go by Solstice and they are ~ Jonah Glickman - vibes, River Keefer - piano, Dante Newcombe-Kenealy - drums and Jordan Adams - bass - some bad-mofos right there!

Fri., 9/3 Psyched that the new site is getting done!